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Signal Transformers

These quality transformers are very universal, screened all around by a mu-metal can, not expensive and available from stock. Easily to be mounted in one hole by means of the supplied nut or with pcb terminal pins. When mounting on a chassis the can is connected to the chassis, otherwise the can has to be connected to the chassis or a zero point.

With these transformers you make or keep signal leads symmetrically. Compared to asymmetrical leads this causes a big advantage: much less sensitive to hum, interferences and oscillations. Thanks to the mu-metal can these AMPLIMO transformers can be placed up to approx. 20mm from transformers and leads with minimum 1A current. Without the can this distance is approx. 200mm.

The secondary winding is fully separated from the primary winding, so these transformers render a real galvanic isolation.
With these transformers apparatus can be coupled of which the chassis are interconnected via the grounds of the mains plugs or via a mounting rack. Thus preventing ground loops.

Type TM8P is the pcb version of the successfull type TM8. Type TM888 is the same as type TM8 however has 3 secondary windings with which for example 3 poweramplifiers can be connected to one preamplifier preventing any change for groundloops.

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    TM2P step-up transformer 1:5


    €42 (inc VAT)

    SKU: TM2P
    TM3 step-up transformer 1:15


    €88 (inc VAT)

    SKU: TM3
    0dB 10kohm signaltransformer 1:1


    €31 (inc VAT)

    SKU: TM41
    8dB 600ohm signaltransformer 1:1


    €58 (inc VAT)

    SKU: TM8
    8dB 600ohm PCB signaltransformer 1:1


    €51 (inc VAT)

    SKU: TM8P
    8dB 10kohm signal transformer 1:1


    €56 (inc VAT)

    SKU: TM81
    8dB 10kohm PCB signal transformer 1:1


    €51 (inc VAT)

    SKU: TM81P
    8dB 600ohm signal transformer 1:1+1+1


    €138 (inc VAT)

    SKU: TM888
    20dB 600ohm signaltransformer 1:1


    €104 (inc VAT)

    SKU: TM20

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