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toroidal transformer 18V - 4.4A (80VA)

ringkerntrafo 230V - 18V @ 4.44A ( 80VA )

part number: RK3N1441

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Toroidal transformer 18V @ 80VA

This 80VA toroidal transformer has a 230V primary winding and one secondary winding of 18V - 4.44A.
When you need two times 18V (e.g. for symmetrical power supply), you can use two of these transformers.
These two transformers may be mounted on top of each other.


  • primary: 230V
  • secundary 18V - 4.44A
  • diameter : 91mm
  • height  : 34mm
  • length connection wires approx. 200mm
  • mountingmaterials will be supplied.


Datasheet transformer 3N1441

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