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Echoke, electronic choke 450V 400mA

Tentlabs E-Choke 100mA - 1

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The Echoke is a completely built and tested module. The Echoke can replace existing traditional chokes.
Traditional chokes work very well in general, but have a few disadvantages :

  • large weight 
  • large dimensions 
  • magnetic strayfield which can induce hum in surrounding electronic circuit.

The E-choke solves these problems en gives up till 70dB supply ripple reduction at currents up till 400mADC 
Additionally a large reduction of the intermodulation distortion will be reached.

UL40S2, triode, without E-choke      UL40S2, triode, with E-choke




  • Imax out 400mAdc
  • Vmax in 450Vdc (can be adapted to 600Vdc max when changing input capacitor to suitable working voltage)
  • ripple 15Vtt (maximum input ripple)
  • C-in 330uF/450V (included on module): C-in may be reduced linearly when current consumption is lower than 400mA.
    C-in must be reduced when valve rectification is applied.
    C-out 330uF/450V (externally required, recommended value)


  • Voltage drop <17Vdc (in-out at 400mAdc load)
  • Dissipation <5W
  • Heatsink integrated, connected to gnd
  • Rejection:
    >40dB, time modus off (mostly used with class AB amplifiers)
    >60dB, time modus on (recommended for class A amplifiers)
  • short circuit NOT protected, always include fuse at module output


(Dutch) background article from Menno van der Veen:
NL_Tentlabs / VDV E-choke design (PDF)

(ENGLISH) background article from Menno van der Veen:
UK_Tentlabs / VDV E-choke design (PDF)

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